Flesz Ltd is the polish paper converting and distributing company. Our products are delivered to both domestic and export customers.

The company was founded in 1992 in response to the emerging Away From Home market of hygiene and cleanliness. Bathroom and restroom hygiene was our first business activity. So, starting from the begining and up today hand dryers, soap and paper dispensers together with liquid soaps, jumbo toilet papers, interfold paper towels, centerfeed paper towels are delivered with success to our clients.

Today, although bathroom hygiene is still key products group in our offer, we provide complete sanitary and cleaning systems and solutions for business and institunal customers.
Please note, that in Flesz offer there are not only:

    • Jumbo toilet papers, interfold paper towels, centerfeed paper towels, industrial wipers
    • Toilet and public washroom equipment: soap dispensers, towels and toilet paper dispensers, hand dryers, air fresheners, etc…

but also

  • Cleaning hardware: trolleys, janitor carts, mop frames, mops, cloths, etc… buckets&wringers, garbage bags, etc…
  • Chemicals: cleaners, strippers, sealers, desinfectans, sanitizers, etc…
  • Floor machines, scrubbers, industrial vacuum cleaners, etc…
  • Disposal products for SPA, Hairdressers and Cosmetic market: nonwoven towels, depilation strips, noonwoven bedsheets, medical bedsheets rolls, slippers, tangas, etc..

For details please see our web-site.We invite you for cooperation,

Yours sincerely,
Flesz Sp. z o.o. Staff and Management